ME, albolene & CLEAR WRAP Everyone wants to lose a few pounds, but those first few or last few pounds (and stubborn inches that come wit…

25 Responses to “ME, albolene & CLEAR WRAP”

  1. aurlux says:

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  2. Trevor H says:

    Wow I hope you have success you are such a nice lady good luck..

  3. purple28071 says:

    you did good at losing weight, i know your proud, just beautiful

  4. MsStephNee says:

    Did you see/notice any difference in your thighs?? if yes, how long did it take you to see and notice it?

  5. 143me4eva says:

    Good luck sweetheart and don’t give up

  6. Jose Aguirre says:

    Try sweet sweat cause aboline will clog the pores and overheat you basically doing opposite of what you want :) .. but I’m curious to see sweet sweat with suran wrap

  7. billybryang says:

    you a play some Buju inna de background deh doh girl

  8. mscupcakedreamson36 says:

    lmao u r too funny!!! I might try this for my stomach, arms, and inner thighs. thx

  9. Mercedes Lipscomb says:

    Fantastic! You go girl!

  10. wolverine9691 says:

    like that Buju playing in the background! keep up the good work……..

  11. poohray12 says:

    try sweet sweat to

  12. jimlas says:

    You are SO sweet!!! I like you!!! God Bless you, Trini!!!

  13. Beautiful Nsider says:

    I love your candidness, inspiration :-) :-)

  14. AlayahJ says:

    MADD respect

  15. Lizbeth Barragan says:

    where could I buy that cream ? @trinilez4u2luv

  16. Civilrightstoday1 says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I am going to try this.

  17. mangalashrestha says:

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  18. tammymarykay1 says:

    Not the old school saran wrap method. You go girl. you did an amazing job

  19. STILLSWEET2 says:

    Budget saver!

  20. Reallie Tho says:

    My brother is a boxer and yes they use sweat cream when they work out to drop weight

  21. amarfiles says:

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when other people do it so easily with Atomic Fat Loss (search for it on google).

  22. Shanmanae Wilder says:

    Good luck on ur journey

  23. LisaYvette Ortiz says:

    i heard that putting on cream before sran wrap clogs your pores so that means thats you wont loose as much water as u should with cream on jus a little thought to help out

  24. mamonde31 says:

    u can also use a garbage bag..its easier..and does the same thing.

  25. testahuh says:

    Hi there, how tall are you and how much do you weigh?