Albolene and Sweet Sweat does the waist GOOD!!!


Hello Guys!!! Its SkinnyGirlDreamz I wanted to finally make to a video about my secret to losing inches off my waist!! Feel free to email me skinnygirldreamz…

25 Responses to “Albolene and Sweet Sweat does the waist GOOD!!!”

  1. ChefMiMi18 says:

    Congrats on your weight loss! Have you tried that crazy wrap thing? It uses a creamy all natural botanical blend and it helps you to tone and tighten in as little as 45 mins. Contact me for more info:

  2. jasminemercado21 says:

    Thanks for the great recommendation!

  3. SuperTamera1 says:

    I am definitely going to try this because my stomach is huge and Im ready to get this fat off of me once and for all.

  4. Arielle Alvarez says:

    My new experiment!! :D Going to try this!

  5. Mdxmp5 says:

    Thank you very much! Such a helpfull video. Im gonna go with the alboline to enduce sweat and probably look into some workout supplement for the energy : )! Again thank you very much.

  6. Sunya Clark says:

    You can order albolene from amazon dot com for 13.99, i had mine for months and use it once on my stomach, but mostly for make up remover, now i can try it again on the stomach

  7. Fev S says:

    Thank you so much for this.. it really helps… If I want other problem areas to sweat, can I rub the Albolene on that part or is this specific to just my waist??

  8. Skinnygirldreamz says:

    @lilabetancur CVS or any drugstore but I’ve seen it in cvs Walgreens and riteaid

  9. Skinnygirldreamz says:

    @Sonja Usher anytime I workout I put it on!!!! At one point I was working out everyday so depends on how much u workout but the more you do it the better ur results will be!!

  10. Skinnygirldreamz says:

    @FlawlessHello KittienDiva no prob

  11. lilabetancur says:

    @skinnygirldreamz where can i get the albolene sweet sweat?

  12. Shanelcop5 says:

    nevermind cvs! thnk u

  13. Shanelcop5 says:

    hi! where do I get Albolene?

  14. Sonja Usher says:

    can you tell me how often you use it?

  15. FlawlessHello KittienDiva says:

    Thx boo

  16. Sonja Usher says:

    Thanks for the info…how long does it tqkes for you to see the results

  17. Skinnygirldreamz says:

    Sorry for my tardiness but you can pick up the Sweet Sweat from GNC…Also, how do you like Albolene??

  18. Skinnygirldreamz says:

    I’m a month late..I didnt know how to respond correctly :( but how did albolene work out for you?? Its my baby I live by it!!! I will have redo the fish oil and vit E thingy bc the fish oil stinks and I couldnt take it no more!! However, I will start it over Friday for sure!! I will do a better job updated next time!!

  19. Skinnygirldreamz says:

    Thx boo :) 

  20. Skinnygirldreamz says:

    Hey hunny I’m so late but yes hunny use it everywhere!!! My girl wraps her arms and works boo!!! Make sure you saran wrap the trouble areas as they call it and hunny everything will shrink!!! Take your measurement bc they will change quickly!!

  21. Skinnygirldreamz says:

    Hey boo check me out on IG at skinnygirldreamz

  22. Skinnygirldreamz says:

    Hello my sister!!! I’m so happy you decided to check out albolene its my secret to my waist loss lol…let me know how you like it…make sure you measure your waist bc hunny its about to shrink!!! Just watch!!!

  23. knotty1atl says:

    I follow you on Instagram & didn’t know you had a YT channel! Just got my Abolene & waist belt today & will be doing it starting tomorrow while doing Hip Hop Abs

  24. nishnishbabes says:

    whats your instagram?

  25. MsStephNee says:

    Quick question, have you tried using albolene on other areas like thighs or arms??
    do you think the effect will be the same??

    Thanks for the vid btw